👋🏾 Goodbye from Bantu

Everything has an end

To our beautiful community, What a journey the past FIVE years have been! Who knew that what started as some scribbles and an idea, would have blossomed into this thing right here! Bantu is and always has been centered around creating, developing, and maintaining a connection within the Black community. It was literally created to link black hairstylists and clients.

Our app went international.
We created tools to empower stylists, to grow your businesses and to connect you.
We made so many connections, both online and in real life.
We heard from so many of you - stylists, clients and supporters.
We learned SO SO much.

For all of these things, we are so grateful to each and every one of you.

Sadly though, and on behalf of our team, I’m writing to let you know that Bantu is winding down. The app will no longer be operational on both iOS and Android platforms by the end of May.

This was an incredibly lengthy decision, but it’s the right one, for our team, for now.

To be honest, all of us have had to step back and reflect personally on how we would juggle our current commitments and Bantu, a passion project we embarked on so many years ago. Our focus has shifted, and that wasn't fair to you.

I know this message comes at a very weird time (hello, COVID-19), but this isn’t a decision we made as a result of the virus. I know how many of you in the service/beauty industry are affected right now, and we don’t know what the future will hold, however I am extending well wishes to everyone. To all of you, keep strong. We will get through this.