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I’ve given that look more times than I care to admit. That long stare of appreciation is always accompanied with zillions of questions flying around in my head, and a mental slow clap. Black women will reach out to any woman whose hair we like and let them know we’re feeling it, but most importantly, looking for the name and number of whoever did your undercut, your box braids or your fly sew-in. Part compliment, but also, necessity. It’s no secret that black women are routinely overlooked in your typical salon. Most hair professionals are either inexperienced with my 4A hair, or will charge me extra for the added volume.

Finding a reputable hair stylist doesn’t have to be so hard! That’s why we were inspired to use technology to help connect women and carve out a space that caters to our hair needs.

Let me tell you about #teamBantu. I’m Meron, and my partners Richard and John came together in early 2016 with a shared excitement and zeal to change the game in the black haircare industry. We’re working hard to understand the needs of both would-be clients and hair stylists, to deliver the best possible experience for everyone. I’m most excited about how Bantu allows women with kinky, coily or curly hair to have so many options in front of them! The ability to take a look at pictures, ratings, prices… this is such an improvement over the status quo today. I don’t doubt women will continue to stop each other and compliment each other’s hair, but at least we’ll know it’s not about necessity. Your hair is your crown… let Bantu help you wear it well!

Want any more information about Bantu? Feel free to contact me anytime!

- Meron Co-Founder

Our Mission

Black women far outspend any other demographic when it comes to hair care products and services. However, they struggle to have their needs met by a majority of salons, and hair care product brands.

At Bantu, we believe that it shouldn’t be difficult for black women to find a hairstylist that understands their needs. We are dedicated to connecting black women to a large pool of hair stylists, and also providing tools to help hair stylists develop and expand their businesses.

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